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High-Asset Divorce Lawyer In Redlands

In high net worth divorces, the stakes are higher, the assets are more intricate and the legal complexities are daunting. This makes the involvement of an attorney not just advisable but crucial in the divorce proceedings.

Lord & Brooker, APC, provides legal counsel you can count on for clients in Redlands, California. Our divorce lawyers will take the time to understand your case for a personalized approach to your financial complexities during a divorce. We value our clients, meaning you can trust us with your financial matters.

Types Of High Net Worth Assets

In California, for high net worth divorces, the assets are more than the usual bank accounts and residential properties. Here is a closer look at the array of assets that may be involved:

  • Multiple sources of income: High net worth individuals have income streams from various sources, such as investments, royalties, dividends and executive compensation packages.
  • Businesses: Whether it is a closely held family business, partnership or corporate entity, valuing and dividing business interests requires specialized expertise to secure a fair division of assets or negotiate buyout agreements.
  • Real estate: This may include primary residences, vacation homes, rental properties and commercial estate, which may need equitable distribution or arrangements for property division.
  • Pre- and postnuptial agreements: These agreements can significantly impact the outcome of divorce proceedings by dictating how assets are distributed and determining spousal support.

Our Redlands attorneys at Lord & Brooker, APC, can handle a comprehensive range of family law matters with expertise and dedication. Whether a case involves intricate financial arrangements, high net worth assets, business interests or sensitive child custody matters, you can trust us to provide sound legal guidance and unwavering support.

Support You Can Lean On

At Lord & Brooker, APC, we prioritize efficiency in our approach to handling cases. We can use customized support to ensure a smoother and faster resolution of your family law matters in Redlands. Call 951-666-2367 or use our online form today to schedule a case evaluation.