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Advocating For Parents And Children In Child Custody Cases

One of the biggest concerns during a divorce is what will happen to your children. When parents get a divorce, there is an undeniable impact on their children and the family as a whole. However, a good parenting plan and custody arrangement can remove some of that stress and uncertainty and make the transition easier.

At Lord & Brooker, APC, we understand how overwhelming it is to consider your children’s future. We know you want the best for them, and our child custody attorneys are committed to helping you achieve that goal.

Finding Custody Solutions That Are In The Best Interests Of Your Child

In California, two types of child custody are physical and legal. Physical custody refers to the time the child spends and lives with each child. Custody can be awarded jointly or to one parent in a sole custody arrangement. When determining physical custody, the court will consider various factors, including where the child goes to school and how much time each parent has to dedicate to their child.

Legal custody is the right to make important decisions about the child’s life but is not reliant on where the child physically resides. Sole and joint custody are both options that the court will consider. Legal custody allows you to make decisions regarding the child’s education, religious instruction, recreational activities and medical decisions.

These decisions are made through a parenting plan agreed upon by both parties or court intervention. Parenting plans must include information on how you will care for your children, where they will live and when they will see each parent. Parenting time orders or visitation can be open, supervised, with a schedule or none. The court will make a final determination based on what will be in your child’s best interests.

Protecting Your Rights As A Parent

At Lord & Brooker, APC, our child custody attorneys have decades of combined experience helping families find solutions that are in the children’s and their parents’ best interests. We can help you through this difficult time and protect your rights. Contact us today by calling 951-666-2367 or completing our online contact form. We have offices in Redlands, Riverside and Temecula.