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Obtaining A Guardianship In California

There are many steps involved when applying for guardianship and different laws that may apply, depending on the child’s situation. The attorneys of Lord & Brooker, APC, can help guide you through the many forms and stages of the process to make sure nothing is overlooked and every step is complete.

A Way To Take Care Of A Child Who Needs Help

Guardianship is a proceeding in which a nonparent applies to the court to have custody of a child due to the child’s parents being unable to care for the child due to substance abuse, severe mental illness, incarceration or death. Typically, the child must be in the physical care of the person seeking to apply for guardianship.

A guardianship application is not a mechanism to remove a child from a parent’s custody. Both relatives and nonrelatives can apply for a guardianship if the child is in that person’s physical care. When applying for a guardianship it must be shown that the guardianship is necessary and convenient to protect the child’s best interests.

Helping You Through The Guardianship Process

Guardianship proceedings are held in the Probate Court and typically consist of applications for a temporary guardianship and permanent guardianship. The paperwork that needs to be completed is very lengthy and detailed. The party seeking the guardianship must also locate and give notice to the parents, grandparents and any siblings of the child.

Having an attorney on your side that knows the complicated process and procedure of these types of cases can be invaluable. This is often a difficult and emotional time for the relatives finding themselves needing to take care of a child because a parent is either incapacitated or deceased.

By Your Side Through Every Step

The attorneys at Lord & Brooker, APC, have over 25 years of combined experience handling guardianship cases. They will navigate you through the paperwork and appear with you in court to make your case to the judge.

If you are a parent who is contesting a guardianship proceeding, attorneys Elisabeth Lord and Michelle Brooker of Lord & Brooker, APC, have the experience you need to protect your rights as a parent and help you secure visitation with your child if the guardianship is granted. Contact us today by calling 951-666-2367 or completing our online contact form to schedule a case evaluation.