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How to tell your kids that you are divorcing

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Divorce

Stability and security are essential for children in their formative years. Going through a divorce can lead to tough times and drastic changes for any family, particularly for kids.

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce in California, both of you must guide your kids through this life-changing period to ensure that they get the stability that they need throughout the process of your divorce.

4 steps to take when informing the kids

Telling your kids about your divorce can be painful to even imagine but it is important that when the time comes, you and your spouse let your children know in such a way that gives them hope for the future.

Consider these suggestions:

  1. Speak to them together: The Child Mind Institute recommends that both spouses tell their kids about their divorce together. They should agree on what to say beforehand and reassure their children that their situation will be okay.
  2. Be honest but civil: It is important that parents are honest with their children about the divorce and why it is happening. However, parents should also make it a point not to blame one another to prevent their kids from feeling conflicted. They also do not have to share all of the details of the marriage or divorce in order for the children to understand the situation. Parents must also reassure their kids that it is not their fault.
  3. Inform them of changes: Living in separate homes and relocating are possible realities during a divorce. Parents must let their kids know what to expect about changes in their living situation to maintain a sense of stability.
  4. Learn how they feel: Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is asking how your kids feel about the divorce. Knowing how your children feel will allow you to give them the support and guidance that they need during such a complicated process.

Informing your children about your divorce is never easy, but these are some steps you can take to lessen the impact. Even though you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you can still make sure that your children get the love, safety and stability that they need.