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3 grounds for child custody modifications

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Child-Related Matters

During a divorce, the court gives orders on different matters, including child custody. Even though the orders may be termed permanent, you can adjust them when things change. Like most states, California makes custody decisions in the child’s best interest. Nonetheless, you can request a modification when an order no longer works. 

Below are three grounds that may motivate you to do so.  

Violation of the current agreement

If the other parent keeps violating the existing order, you should talk to them. Ask them to request that the court  modify the custody order to one that works for them. If they fail to do so and keep violating the agreement, it may be time to return to court.

A change in your schedule or the child’s

A change in your work schedule, even a minor one, can affect your ability to be with your kids. For instance, if your shifts are changed, or you move to a new career where you work over the weekend, it may be impossible to spend quality time with your kids. Thus, you should modify the parenting plan according to your new schedule.

Further, if your child’s schedule changes, for example, when their school hours increase or they have extracurricular activities when you should be with them, it will be best to modify the current plan. This will help you create one that respects your child’s schedule and allows you to spend time with them.


If you or the other parent is moving to a place that makes the existing plan impossible to implement, it may be time to modify the child custody order to protect your parental rights.

When circumstances change, you should get legal guidance to modify your existing child custody order to one that works.